Jettech Networks is a Tasmanian company that builds clever networks and tools for business and homes. Our customers are large companies, solo entrepreneurs and people who care about quality and getting things done right the first time.


We can offer fast internet access often in areas where others can’t or simply won’t. If slow internet access is a barrier to your business then we can fix that. We use carrier grade hardware to solve internet access issues so that you can get back to what you want to be doing.

After years of successfully offering this service to Tasmanian businesses, we’re now offering business grade internet connections to residential customers. Sick of getting the run around? Want a good quality, fast connection? Jettech can deliver it to you.

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Automated Vehicle Location Systems

We have unique experience with Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems. This specialist technology allows not just vehicle location tracking, but time and location tracking, parcel and ambulance tracking, as well as sensor augmented systems which allows for complex monitoring such as changes in air pressure, access control, fuel consumption, driver data and more.

Event / Venue Infrastructure

A succesful event often requires specialist electrical infrastructure. Tasmania is unique in that many of our larger events are held outdoors, as we don’t have the same amount of venue infrastructure as other states. Jettech Networks can supply temporary (or permanent) power infrastructure that scales to your event’s needs. We can also provide fast internet access in locations which would not normally have adequate mobile data coverage.

Managed Telephony

Telephone Systems can be complex, and just getting this basic business need covered can be a headache. Jettech Networks has years of Telephony experience, our team can design and maintain a custom solution that meets your needs and budget.

ICT Solutions

Smart infrastructure that scales to your business needs is a great way to build capacity, while keeping an eye on expenses. We can help you design and implement a hardware solution on site, or specify the correct cloud service to best match your needs.


Protecting your investment in ICT hardware and more importantly, your data can be a complex task. Colocation with Jettech Networks allows you to house your servers and ICT infrastructure in an professionally managed offsite location, which gives you access to our economies of scale, access to our bandwidth, lower latency, onsite specialists all in a high security setting.

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Managed Networks

Avoid business complexity and distraction by partnering with Jettech Networks. We can provide end to end managed network solutions which are designed for your individual needs. Our specialists manage your hardware so instead of waiting for a call out, and infrequent maintenance, your hardware and software are managed in a structured way that protects your business.

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